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East and West Camps archival package

This archival packages consists of; 

1- Report of RCAF in Yarmouth (1940-1945). Source/Date: Depth Charge Newsletter, 1945.

2- Honour Roll and awards of the 162 Squadron R.C.A.F. Source/Date: Unknown.

3- Home war operation stations. Source/Date: Unknown.

4- World War II deaths at Yarmouth Airport and environs Source/Date: Air Force (FAA), 1985.

5- Sketches of planes and an aerial photograph of East Camp. Source/Date: East Camp Veterans, c1983.

6- Chronicle of significance from the Veterans of RCAF Station, Yarmouth WWII Source: Unknown

7- Description of the start of the Naval Air Gunners School in Yarmouth, NS Source: Telegraphist Air Gunner Association, 25th anniversary book

8- History of 119th Tiger Squadron. Source/Date: 119th Tiger Squadron, 1935.

9- RCAF aircrafts and duties. Source: East Camp Veterans.

10- Description of Commander I.M.N. Mudie. Source: Telegraphist Air Gunner Association, 25th anniversary book

11- Photos of Cdr. Mudie. Source: R.C.A.F. photo scrapbook.

12- Group photos of instructors and trainees. Source: R.C.A.F. photo scrapbook.

13- Short description of West Camp Source: East Camp RCAF Station Yarmouth Nova Scotia

14- Article titled, “Places like Yarmouth helped to make Canada the aerodrome of democracy. Article about East Camp. Source/Date: Chronicle Herald, 1988.

15- Info sheet about the Swordfish airplane. Source: East Camp veterans.

16- Fact Sheet about East Camp, RCAF Station. Includes information on the No.1 Naval Air Gunners School and the Telegraphist Air Gunner Training. Source: Unknown.

17- Notes for the dedication of the historic East Camp plaque at the site of the East Camp RCAF Station. Source: East Camp Veterans, 1988.

18- Collection of photographs from East Camp (7 photos) and West Camp (14 photos). Source: R.C.A.F photo collection.

East and West Camps archival package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives.

  • Once ordered, you'll receive a message to download and open the zip file with all the material of this archival package. 

    All material in this archival package are in PDF and JPEG formats. 

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