Yarmouth Shantymen CD "Old Cameron at the Wheel"

Yarmouth Shantymen

Based in Yarmouth, on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Yarmouth Shantymen have been performing traditional work songs from the age of sailing ships since 1984. Their CDs consists of classic shanties and other sea songs.


Included on this CD:

1- Santiana, 2- South Australia, 3- Leaving of Liverpool, 4- John Kanaka, 5- Whisky Johnny, 6- Shenandoah, 7- Blow the Man Down, 8- Ode to the Elbow, 9- Rolling Down to Old Maui, 10- Drunken Sailor, 11- Rio Grande, 12- Can’t Ye Dance the Polka, 13- Haul the Bowline, 14- Jolly Rovin’ Tar, 15- Blow Ye Winds, 16- Haul Away Joe, 17- Leave Her Johnny

Yarmouth Shantymen CD "Old Cameron at the Wheel"