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Frost Park & Charles Sydney Frost archival package

Frost Park and Charles Sydney Frost

This park, located on Main Street, is one of the most well-known parks in Yarmouth County. The first settlers of Yarmouth used this site as a burial ground until 1837. In 1887, they removed the gravestones, built a fountain, laid a walkway and added benches, hedges and trees. Once completed, they named it Victoria Park, in honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. In 1958, a name change happened, turning Victoria Park into Frost Park in honour of Sydney Frost. Mr. Frost, a Yarmouth County native, was a distinguished businessman who rose to president of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

This package includes: 

Section 1- Frost Park

PARK – Frost Park 1: Article titled, “Great Improvements Made in the Old Grounds – trees, fountain and walks”. Historical details on the old cemetery at Frost Park. Dated November 18, 1885. Source: Yarmouth Times.


PARK – Old Burial Ground: Short historical description of the cemetery at Frost Park.


PARK – Tombstones: Article titled, “Yarmouth Will Do Right Thing With Graves”. Article concerning the burial grounds and what to do with them. Dated: June 7, 1988. Source: The Chronicle Herald (Yarmouth Bureau), article written by Brian Medel.


PARK – Coffin unearthed: Article titled, “Coffins Unearthed at Yarmouth Dig”. Article concerning multiple coffins discovered at Frost Park. Date N/A. Source: The Chronicle Herald (Yarmouth Bureau), article written by Brian Medel.


PARK – The Old Cemetery (2): Article regarding the work on the cemetery. Dated: October 31, 1885. Sources: The Yarmouth Times & Western Counties Journal.


PARK – The Old Cemetery: Historical information on the cemetery. Dated: November 28, 1885. Source: Yarmouth Times.


Section 2 – Charles Sydney Frost

Charles Jr. new book: Article titled, “New book touches upon lives of Frost family”. Article regarding a new book called A Life Worthwhile, written by the son of Sydney Frost. Dated: December 23, 1994. Source: The Yarmouth Vanguard, article written by Tina Comeau.


CHARLES S. Frost article: Article titled, “Bank President is Native of Argyle”. An article about Mr. Frost’s life and career. Date and Source N/A.


CHARLES S. Frost bio: Article titled, “Yarmouth Man is New Bank of N.S. Manager”. And article about Mr. Frost’s rise to bank manager. Date and Source N/A.


CHARLES Sydney Frost Nova Scotians article: Short biography of Mr. Frost. Date N/A. Source: Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad by Allan Everett Marble.


Section 3 - Photographs

PARK – Charles monument: A photograph of the monument placed at Frost Park in honour of its namesake, Charles Frost. Date and Source N/A.


2004:76.21: A photograph of Charles Sydney Frost and his wife, Rebecca Gertrude (Haines). Photo taken on September 18, 1971 at “the Briars” during a family reunion.


PH-50-4: Frost Park and harbour from Grand Hotel. Date and Source N/A.


PH-50-5: Frost Park in 1910, at the time it was known as Victoria Park. Dated 1910. Source: photographer, Parker.


PH-50-9 (1994:58): Frost Park in the winter. Dated March 17, 1967. Source: photograph by Atlantic Photo Service.


PH-50-31: Frost Park, known as the “old cemetery” at the time. Date and Source N/A.


*PC-28-112(1) & (2), PC-28-113, PC-31-Grand-32, PC-Grand-15, PC-Grand-29: A selection of postcards showing Frost Park.

Frost Park & Charles Sydney Frost archival package

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