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Inventory Site Heritage Home forms

Heritage Home Inventory Sheets

These inventory sheets may provide the following information;

- Historical information

- Architectural information

- Contextual comments

- Past owners

- Comments on historical associations

*Note: some information may not be available on the inventory sheet



Before ordering this information, email us at to check if we have the address you’re looking for.


Streets and areas that we have inventory site sheets of are:


Adelaide St., Albert St., Alma St., Argyle St.

Baker St., Barnard St., Beacon St., Bond St., Brunswick St., Butler St.

Caie Crescent, Cann St., Carleton St., Catherine St., Central St., Chester St., Chestnut St., Chipman Lane, Church St., Clements St., Cliff Street, Collins St., Commercial St., Cosman Lane, Cumberland St.

Doane St.

East St., Ellis Avenue, Ellis Rd, Elm St., Emin’s Lane

Fairmont St., Fifth St., First St., Forbes St.

Geddes Lane, Goudey St., Grand St., Grantham St., Green St., Grove Rd

Haley Rd, Haskell St., Hawthorne St., Herbert St., High St., Highland Avenue, Horton St., Hueston St., Huntington St.

James St., Jenkins St., John St.

Kempt St., King St., Kirk St.

Lakeside Dr., Lewis Avenue, Lonergan Lane, Lovitt St.

Main St., Market St., Marshall Lane, McConnell Crescent, Milton Highland and Corner, Moody’s Lane

Parade St., Park St., Pleasant St., Porter St., Porter’s Lane, Prescott St., Prince St., Prospect St.

Queen St.

Regent St., Richard Lane, Roger’s Lane, Ryerson Court

Second St., Seminary St., Shaw Ave, South East St., South St., Sprucewood Dr., Starrs Rd, Store St., Summer St., Sycamore St.

Third St., Tooker St., Trinity Place

Walker St., Water St., Whipple St., William St., Willow St.



Arcadia, Brazil Lake, Cape Forchu, Carleton, Central Chebogue, Chebogue Point, Dayton, Ellis Rd., Forest Glen, Greenville Road, Hebron, Kelley’s Cove, Kemptville, Lake Annis, Melbourne, Milton Highlands, Moods Mill Road, North Chegoggin, North Kemptville, Norwood, Pinkney’s Point, Pleasant Lake, Port Maitland, Rockville, Sand Beach, Sandford, Scott Road, Short Beach, Small Gains Road, Sunday Point, Wellington, Wyman Rd.

Inventory Site Heritage Home forms

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

  • Before ordering this information, email us at to check if we have the address you’re looking for.

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