Yarmouth Shantymen Live CD "At the Halliards"

Yarmouth Shantymen

Based in Yarmouth, on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Yarmouth Shantymen have been performing traditional work songs from the age of sailing ships since 1984. Their CDs consists of classic shanties and other sea songs.


Included on this CD:

1- Roll the Woodpile Down, 2- Sam’s Gone Away, 3- Outward Bound, 4- Shallow Brown, 5-John Cherokee, 6- Hieland Laddie, 7- Black Ball Line, 8- Fiddlers Green, 9- Ranzo Ray, 10- Marco Polo, 11- Fire Marengo, 12- Partons, la me rest belle, 13- Sailor’s Prayer, 14- Chastity Belt, 15- Banks of Newfoundland, 16- Codfish Shanty, 17- Reuben Ranzo, 18- Maggie May, 19- General Taylor, 20- Farewell to Nova Scotia, 21- Ode to the Elbow, 22- Marching Inland, 23- Roll the Chariot

Yarmouth Shantymen Live CD "At the Halliards"