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The Electric Car

The "Automatic" Electric Pleasure Vehicle, built by the Automatic Transportation Company in Buffalo, NY, was marketed in 1921 as the "practical electric automobile that would meet all requirements as a utility and pleasure car - and at a reasonable price."


Lewis Chipman, King's Council and senior partner in the law firm of Chipman and Sanderson, purchased it in Florida in the 1920s. The vehicle was shipped to Yarmouth in a wooden crate. Its top speed was 15 to 18 miles per hour, with a radius of 50 to 60 miles. Around the time of Chipman's death in 1939, the car was sold to a local garage, where the battery was removed and sold to a lighting plant. John R. (Jack) Baker saved the vehicle from the scrap heap by offering $25 for it. During the war years, the car was often featured in parades and Victory Loan Drives. After the war, it sat in a storage shed for 20 years.

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