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The Archives

The Yarmouth County Archives is dedicated to the preservation and cataloging of documents, photographs and other sources that detail the history of Yarmouth County. With more than 25 000 photographs, a research library, thousands of documents on genealogy, businesses and more, it’s no wonder the Yarmouth County Archives is the largest non-institutional archives in Nova Scotia!

Coming into our Archives will offer visitors a chance to step back into time by allowing them to explore through our many documents. Yarmouth County has a rich history of interesting residents, fantastic ships, beautiful heritage buildings, illustrious businesses and of course its fair share of legends and all these can be researched here in the Archives. Visitors may delve into Yarmouth County’s past through our collection of letters, diaries, photos and even our newspapers that date back to 1833!

The Archives offers a broad range of research services. We can assist with all your research needs, including genealogy. Research can be conducted by mail or in person. Public use computers with high-speed internet are also available for research purposes.

See you in the Archives!

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