Video 1 – Yarmouth County Historical Society 
This video showcases the history of the Yarmouth County Historical Society as well as some of the properties and locations that we manage. 

Correction: Major Daniel Murphy donated the funds to purchase the building that the museum is housed in today.

Video 2 – Folklore in Yarmouth County 
This video recounts four stories; The Rub-a-Dub, The Mary Celeste, Was their Witchcraft in Yarmouth County and The Legend of the Casket Lady. *Images for this video are from our postcard collection. 

Video 3 – Ships and Shipping of Yarmouth County 
This video showcases multiple artifacts from the M.V. Bluenose, a porthole salvaged from the S.S. Fleurus, and an intricate portable foghorn. 

Video 4 – Unique artifacts in our collection 
This video showcases a Masonic sword, the Grand Hotel Switchboard, a non-electric vacuum cleaner and a variety of items not normally found in tin cans. 

Video 5 – Yarmouth Medical History 
This video showcases a number of doctors who practiced medicine in Yarmouth County as well as a history of hospitals in the area. 

Video 6 – Air, Earth and Water 
This video showcases elements from the air, the earth and the ocean. The water segment will highlight a deep-sea diving helmet, the earth segment will highlight a collection of tools used by Abram Blackburn Little, and the air segment will highlight a piece of cowling salvaged from the wreck of Swordfish HS 486. 

Video 7 – Business of Yarmouth County 
This video showcases products from three Yarmouth businesses; Cook’s Dairy, Burrell-Johnson Company and the Yarmouth Candy Company.

Video 8 – Fragile Items 
This video showcases two hand-crafted glass walking canes, lightbulbs from Yarmouth’s first skating rink, and a stained glass window associated with the S.S. Arcadia. 

Video 9 – Music of Yarmouth County 
This video showcases a steel guitar, a flageolet, and an organ tube discarded from a local church. 


Video 10 – Military of Yarmouth County 
This video showcases East and West Camps as well as the Naval Air Gunners School.