Rum running in Yarmouth, NS archival package

Inlcluded in this package: 

1- Newspaper article concerning a particular figure in the Pictou area bootlegging trade known as, ‘The Bootleg Queen’. Source: Unknown newspaper, written by Roland H. Sherwood, a writer and historian living in Pictou.


2- Article regarding efforts by the Coast Guard to prevent the smuggling of liquor into Nova Scotia and efforts by bootleggers to circumvent these efforts. Focuses on, but not limited to the period from 1925 to 1930. Source: Pages 21-32 of ‘Argonauta: The Newsletter of the Canadian Nautical Research Society’, Volume XVIII, Number One, January 2001. Written by David J. McDougall.


3- Article revealing the fate of American liquor baron, David L. Walsh, who was well known in Yarmouth. Source: ‘The Yarmouth Telegram’ November 30, 1934 edition.


4- Newspaper article featuring a partial reproduction of a historic article from the Yarmouth ‘Eye-Opener’, January 30, 1909 edition. Reproduced article details some of the evidence given to the local court during a case resulting from the seizure of prohibited alcohol. Source: ‘The Yarmouth Vanguard’, June 28, 1967 edition.


5- Newspaper article detailing the capture of the Yarmouth schooner, ‘Grace & Ruby’ by an American Revenue cutter, and the schooner’s connection to rum running. Source: ‘The Yarmouth Herald’, 1922 edition.


6- Newspaper article regarding the fate of the Canadian ‘rum boat’ ‘Mazeltov’. Source: ‘The Yarmouth Herald’, February 28, 1933 edition.


7- Article regarding the ‘Rum Running Days’ celebrations in Yarmouth and additional history of Rum Running era. Features black and white photo of celebrations in Yarmouth. Source: ‘Atlantic Insight’, June 1987 edition, pages 44 and 45.

Rum running in Yarmouth, NS archival package

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