Ranald MacKinnon archival package

Ranald MacKinnon

Ranald MacKinnon was a direct descendant of the 1580 Chief of the Clan MacKinnon, Lachlan Dhu. and he was of Royal descent through the great Clan Alpine. MacKinnon first came to southwest Nova Scotia for work. He, along with other men, were tasked in surveying lands on which New England Colonists had settled without benefits of grants from the Crown. As a result of his duty he was given 2,000 acres at Eel Bay (including Roberts and Crawley islands). Once the townships were established, MacKinnon was given the duty of naming the district and because the area reminded him of Scotland, he named it Argyle.


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Bluenose Magazine 1979: Article titled, “Colonel Ranald MacKinnon of Argyle”. Biographical sketch of MacKinnon. Date N/A. Source: Bluenose Magazine, article written by Ann Raymond.


Court of Probates – Warrant: Warrant of appraisement on the estate of Ranald MacKinnon. Dated July 27, 1805. Source: Court of Probates, Shelburne.


Ranald MacKinnon timeline: A timeline of his life. Date and source N/A.


Ranald MacKinnon and Letitia Piggott: Biographical sketch and family genealogy.


Charles E. Brown journal excerpt: Excerpts from August 7, 1850 discussing a family portrait.


Historical Sketches of Glenwood: Excerpts from the Historical Sketches of Glenwood and the Argyles, Yarmouth County, NS by Jackson Ricker (1941) and reprinted in 1994 by Sentinel Printing Ltd. Mentions the Argyle Militia, Argyle Township Sessions and Argyle and Revolutionary war.


Dictionary of Canadian Biography: Biographical sketch of Ranald MacKinnon. Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography


Tax Poll: A list from a tax poll with Ranald MacKinnon present. Dated 1791. Source: Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, Poll tax rolls, 1791-1793.


Argyle- The MacKinnons of Argyle: Excerpts from the Historical Sketches of Glenwood and the Argyles, Yarmouth County, NS by Jackson Ricker (1941) chronicling the history of MacKinnons in Argyle. Source: Argyle: The MacKinnons of Argyle, History, Villages of Yarmouth.


Excerpt from Yarmouth, A Sequel to Campbell’s History: Biographical information on Ranald MacKinnon. Source: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell’s History

Ranald MacKinnon archival package

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