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Sports in Yarmouth archival package

This archival packages includes material from earlier sports of Yarmouth County, 

Sports in Yarmouth archival package 


1B- Yarmouth’s baseball story. In the article: Yarmouth Gateways. Source & Date: Yarmouth Herald, article by Arthur Thurston, 1996. 

2B- Old Time Ball players are identified. In the article/photo: Frank Cook, Henry Lewis, Chas. McDevitt, Bob Forward, Alan Patterson, Raymond Hopkins, Bill Saulnier, Jim Saunders, Alex White, Alex McLaughlin, Bob Clements, “Twist” DeWolfe of Milton Mud Socks, Vic Burton, Win LeCain, Fred Comeau, “Bis” Boyd, Joe LeBlanc. Source & Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1962. 

3B- Photo of the Yarmouth Gateways of 1938 and 1939. Source: Yarmouth Herald. 

4B- Article, The Golden Era of the Yarmouth Gateways. Source & Date: Nova Scotia Sports Heritage Centre booklet, September 1982. 

5B- Article, Yarmouth Gateways vs Saint Agnes game. Source & Date: Halifax Chronicle, September 6, 1929. 

6B- Article, Yarmouth Baseball history (1929 & 1937). Source & Date: Vanguard newspaper, June 26, 1990.

7B- Photograph. Yarmouth baseball team 1921 (with names of players. Source: Unknown. 

8B- Photograph. YMCA Baseball Field on William Street, Yarmouth, NS. PH-7-12. 

9B- Photograph (with names). Yarmouth Baseball Team at a Halloween Banquet. Dated: October 31, 1932.  PH-7-8. 

10B- Photograph (with names). Tusket Baseball Team of 1912. Cup winners in Yarmouth County League. PH-7-22. 

11B- Photograph (with names). Movies Baseball Team. Source: Reminiscences Exhibit. 

12B- Article about Halley Horton, baseball player from the team, Yarmouth Gateways. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, December 30, 1997. 


General sports photographs and articles 

1G- Yarmouth Tennis Club. Dated circa 1900s. PH-65-6. 

2G- Photo (with names). Yarmouth Tennis Club. Dated 1894. PH-65-8

3G- Grandstand at the Yarmouth Trotting Park. Dated 1882. PH-65-7.

4G- Yarmouth Curling Club, identified in the photograph are Charles Cann and J.W. Grant. Dated circa 1906-1926. PH-65-10. 

5G- Girls’ Basketball Team at Yarmouth Academy. Dated 1938. 

6G- Photo (with names). Yarmouth Basketball Team. Dated 1932. PH-65-29.

7G- Photo of members of the Yarmouth bowling team. Photo taken during the Nova Scotia-Prince Edward Island tournament held in Halifax in 1953. Source & Date: Yarmouth Herald, photo by Slaunwhite, May 19, 1953

8G- Article about the Yarmouth Aquatic Club. Source & Date: Halifax Chronicle-Herald, May 6, 1950. 

9G - Article about new inductees into the Yarmouth Town and County Sports Heritage Association’s Hall of Fame. Keith Bridgeo (baseball), James Burrowes (swimming), Wilfred Gene (K.O.) Fowler (boxing), Frank Moores (baseball) and Bruce Saulnier (hockey). Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, December 15, 1998. 

10G- Article about the history of golf in Yarmouth County. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, September 10, 1991. 

11G- Sports article about the history of the YMCA and Yarmouth athlete Nate Bain. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, April 29, 1997. 



1H- Hockey Team (with names) from Yarmouth County. Dated 1910-1911. PH-29-16. 

2H- Hockey Team (with names) from Yarmouth County on the ice. Dated 1902. PH-29-23. 

3H- Article about a hockey match between Yarmouth and Canning teams. Source: Yarmouth Herald, date unknown. 



1BX- Articles about K.O. Fowler, boxing champion from Greenville, Yarmouth County, NS.

Source & Dates: Yarmouth Herald (all articles), 1-June 11, 1947, 2-August 13, 1947, 3-June 4, 1947 and 4-June 11, 1947

2BX- Article about Mike Manuel's fight against Kentville boxer Lonnie States. Source & Date: Yarmouth Harold, July 26, 1967

3BX- Fight - Mike Manuel vs Lonnie Skates. Source: Vanguard, August 9, 1967.


Sports Scores 

1S- Novies Baseball. “Movies win 8-4 over Meteghan”. Source & Date: Yarmouth Herald, June 11, 1946. 

2S- Amiraults Hill Acadians vs Yarmouth Goldeyes (Baseball). Source: Vanguard, July 31, 1963. 

3S- Brunswick Bowling scores for August 1067 games. Source: Vanguard, August 2, 1967.

4S- Ken Veinot and other scores (Golf). Source: Vanguard, August 16, 1967. 

5S- Stock Racing. Source: Vanguard, June 28, 1967.

6S- Western NS Trap and Skeet Championships. Source: Vanguard, August 3, 1977.

Sports in Yarmouth archival package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

  • Once ordered, you'll receive a message to download and open the zip file with all the material of this archival package. 

    All material in this archival package are in PDF and JPEG formats. 

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