Yarmouth Street Railway archival package

This package includes: 

Articles (YMS-4-89)

1- A list of some of the employees of the street railway.

2- Article titled, “Yarmouth Street Railway”. Source: The Maritime Express.

3- Article titled, “First Street Railway Frightened Cows”. Source: N/A.

4- General Balance Sheet. Dated 1903. Source: Yarmouth Street Railway Co., Limited.

5- Article from “In Days Gone By”. Dated February 21, 1974. Source: George A. MacInnis.

6- Flashback photo from the newspaper. Dated September 27, 1967. Source: Yarmouth Vanguard.

7- Article titled, “Yarmouth Had First Street Cars”. Dated March 16, 1967. Source: The Light-Herald.

8- Tickets from the street railway.

9- Article titled, “Yarmouth’s Street Railway”. Dated April 5, 1994. Source: The Vanguard.

10- Article about the street railway. Dated April 12, 1892. Source: Yarmouth Herald.

11- Articles about the street railway. Dated 1892. Source: Yarmouth Herald.



PH-66A-2: The street cars caught in a flood

PH-66A-3: The Yarmouth Street cars, opposite Victoria Park. Dated Sunday, January 23, 1898.

PH-66A-4: A street car at the end of the tracks

PH-66A-5: A street car traveling down Main Street

PH-66A-6: Yarmouth street car

PH-66A-7: The last trip for the street car in 1928.

PH-66A-8: A foggy morning in Yarmouth, a street car in front of J.A. Craig drug store

PH-66A-9: A street car at Lakeside Park in 1914.

PH-66A-10: A street car on Main Street. Circa 1892

PH-66A-12: Two street cars

PH-66A-13: Yarmouth street car filled to capacity

PH-66A-17: A Yarmouth street car in the winter

PH-66A-18: A Yarmouth street car in the winter

PH-66A-19: Shows the Yarmouth street car rails crossing the D.A.R. tracks on Main Street, Yarmouth North

PH-66A-21: Yarmouth street railway car #10, Nelson Selvage is the gentleman on the left

PH-66A-22: Yarmouth’s first open car. Dated in 1905. Conductor was Albert White, Motorman was Dan Allen

PH-66A-23: Yarmouth’s street railway on Main Street at Cumberland Street corner.

PH-66A-24: Yarmouth street car on Main Street, driving by the Grand Hotel

PH-66A-26: Yarmouth street car

Yarmouth Street Railway archival package

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