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Acadian Archival Package

This archival package includes, 

1- Sign incorporating the Municipality of Argyle, NS. PH-80-Argyle-3.
2- Oxen hauling a building in Argyle Head, NS. PH-80-Argyle-10.
3- Old steam boiler building, at the time it was in use as a garage. In Argyle Head, NS.
4- Central Argyle, NS schoolhouse. PH-80-Argyle-15.
5- A quadrille party of citizens at a French Fair in Eel Brook, NS. Dated August 1875. PH-80-Eel-1.
6- Interior of Saint Mary’s Bay Fisheries in Meteghan, Clare, NS. PH-80-Meteghan-6.
7- Interior of Saint Mary’s Bay Fisheries in Meteghan, Clare, NS. PH-80-Meteghan-7.
8- Meteghan, NS - Bridge across stream, looking north. PH-80-Meteghan-3.
9- Ship, Clarisse, at the Meteghan wharf. PH-80-Meteghan-15.
10- Pubnico, NS Train Station - Opening of the Coast Railway. Dated July 29, 1897.
11- Pubnico, NS - view of the beach. PH-80-Pubnico-3.
12- Scenes from Lower East Pubnico, NS. Taken by W.R. Rozee. PH-80-Pubnico-12.
13- East Pubnico School. PH-80-Pubnico-13.
14- Main Street in Pubnico, NS. PH-80-Pubnico-16.
15- Murphy’s Corner, Pubnico, NS. PH-80-Pubnico-15.
16- “The Forks” in Quinan, NS. PH-80-Quinan-1.
17- Sluice Point Bridge. Built in 1909. PH-80-Surettes-2.
18- A mill in Tusket, NS. PH-80-Tusket-9.
19- A mill in Tusket, NS. Dated 1902. PH-80-Tusket-11.
20- Tusket, NS. Dated circa 1900. PH-80-Tusket-29.
21- Memorial service at Wedgeport Church. PH-80-Wedgeport-4.

22- Article by Father Clarence J. d’Entremont titled, “The Pubnicos: Oldest Region still Acadian”. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, January 3, 1989.
23- Article by Father Clarence J. d’Entremont titled, “The Hills at Argyle Head”. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, January 10, 1989.
24- Article, “Nova Scotia marks Provincial Acadian Day”. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, August 16, 2005.
25- Article, “Who were the Acadians?”. Source & Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, July 2, 1999.
26- Article, “Prosperity: A Matter of cultural survival”. Source & Date: Nova Scotia Magazine, written by Paul Comeau, February 1993.
27- Map of Wedgeport. Source unknown.
28- Description, “The Early Distribution of Land at Tusket Wedge”. Source & Date: Donnie Jacquard, Fall 1991.
29- Article, “Brief History of Wedgeport”. Source & Date: Wedgeport, Fete du Bi-Centenaire, written by Jeanne Cottreau, August 2, 1967.
30- Article about religion in Pubnico. Source & Date: Tricentenaire de Pubnico, 1951.
31- A list of the male Acadians who were deported from Grand Pré in 1755. Source: Transcribed from Col. Winslow.
32- Clare, NS - History and People. Source: Chez les Acadiens/Home of the Acadians by the Tourist Committee of the Clare Board of Trade.

Acadian Archival Package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

  • Once ordered, you'll receive a message to download and open the zip file with all the material of this archival package. 

    All material in this archival package are in PDF and JPEG formats. 

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