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Churchill Family Genealogy Package

This genealogy package has general material involving Churchills of Yarmouth. 


Churchill Family Genealogy includes:

1- Marriage details for Sadie Geneva Churchill’s wedding. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1902.

2- Yarmouth Genealogies of the Churchill Family. Source: Yarmouth Genealogies by George S. Brown.

3- Direct genealogy of Benjamin Churchill. Source: From the research file of Francelia Nagle.

4- Marriage Record for Alvin Churchill and Jane Carey. Source/Date: ME Vital Records, 1852.

5- Census record for Isreal L. Churchill. Source/Date: Census of Canada, 1881.

6- Documents involving Warren F. Churchill; Will and Testament and Warrant of Appraisement. Source: Original documents.

7- Information about Nathaniel Churchill’s homestead. Source: Yarmouth Reminiscences by Lawson.

8- Churchill owned businesses in Yarmouth, NS. Mentions; Dr. Clarence Churchill, Churchill & Wetmore, William Churchill and Etta Churchill. Sources: 1890, 1902 and 1912 Yarmouth Directories

9- Obituary for Rev. E.C. Churchill. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1963

10- Marriage announcement for Mary Churchill (daughter of Lemuel Churchill). Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1836.

11- Photographs of John Churchill and his wife, Grace Churchill. Source/Date: Unknown.

12- Group photograph of Grace Darling Churchill Phalen, William Penn Churchill, Charles Henry Churchill, Catherine Doucette Churchill, with additional individuals. Source/Date: Unknown.

13- Obituary for Zaccheus Churchill. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1885.

14- Obituary for Ellen Churchill. Source/Date: Yarmouth Telegram, 1901.

15- Yearbook photo and description of Aaron Flint Churchill. Source/Date: Acadia Yearbook, 1940.

16- Article 1 regarding the Churchill Mansion in Darling’s Lake. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, Days Gone By by George A. MacInnis, 1978.

17- Article 2 regarding the Churchill Mansion in Darling’s Lake. Source/Date: The Atlantic Advocate, written by Betty Killam Crosby, 1976.

18- The Voyage of Many Rudders. Source/Date: Record of Shipping of Yarmouth, NS by J. Murray Lawson and Tales of the Sea by Archibald MacMechan.

19- Article titled, “Present Model of Savannah to City”, regarding the steamship Savannah and its captain, Capt. A.F. Churchill. Source/Date: Morning News, 1917.

20- An article about the firm, Cook & Churchill Ltd. Source: Yarmouth Herald.

21- Certificate given to Fred J. Churchill from the Marine Temperance Society of the Port of New York. Source/Date: Copied from the original document, 1885.

22- Short description of Ezra Churchill. Source unknown.

23- Photograph of Aaron Churchill (PH-12-Churchill-1). Source unknown.

24- Marriage announcement for Elizabeth Ann Churchill (daughter of Nathaniel Churchill). Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1850.

25- Photograph of Mary A. Churchill (PH-51-Churchill-6). Source unknown.

26- Photograph of Noriah Churchill (PH-51-Churchill-9. Source unknown.

27- Indentures between Zach Churchill, John Pitman to Rufus Churchill (1853) and David Kenney to Rufus Churchill (1860). Also included is an article about Ephraim Churchill’s property (grandson to Rufus Churchill). Sources: Indentures are original, article is from the Yarmouth Herald, date unknown.

28- Certificate from the Committee of the Liverpool Underwriters’ Association for Captain George Washington Churchill and a short bio of Capt. Churchill. Date: 1867.

29- Article about Henry Churchill who served with the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during WWII, describing his experience on D-Day. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vnaguard, 1994

30- Deed involving Zacheus and Susanna Churchill (also mentions Thomas Churchill and Nathaniel Churchill). *Legend: Gr (Grantor), Ge (Grantee), Ad (Additional Names), Wt (Witness), Wi (Wife), Men (Mention). Source/Date: Yarmouth Township Deeds, 1818-1820.

31- Obituary for Dr. Clarence Churchill. Source/Date: Yarmouth Telegram, 1924.
32- Wedding announcement for Louis Churchill (and Rena Marshall). Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1910

33- Photograph of Captain George Washington Churchill (Rudder Churchill). 1835-1898. Source unknown.

34- List of Churchill family members buried in Yarmouth Cemeteries. Includes; Name, Cemetery and Date of death. Sources: Cemetery Records of Yarmouth

35- Article about William Churchill’s invention, the odorless boiler. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1888.

Churchill Family Genealogy Package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

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