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Principality of Outer Baldonia archival package

Principality of Outer Baldonia

Outer Baldonia was located nine miles from Wedgeport, Nova Scotia in the Atalntic Ocean and was ruled by Mr. Russell Arundel, along with Prince Rex and a Board of Governors. Some of the rules on the Principality of Outer Baldonia as agreed upon by Mr. Arundel and his Board of Governors were; the right to lie and be believed, the right of freedom from questions, nagging, shaving, interruption, women, taxes, politics, and war, the right to swear, drink and gamble, and the right to be noisy and stay up all night.

Included in this package: 

Folder YMS-11-26

Decree for Outer Baldonia (2 pages), complete with a photo of the official crest. Source: Copy of the official Decree, Prince Russell Arundel.


Newspaper article 1 (3 pages), titled, “The Outer Baldonia incident”. Wherein the island seaward side of Little Half Bald Tusket left Moscow furious, Washington puzzled and a few Nova Scotia fishermen laughing. Source and Date N/A.


Newspaper article 2, titled, “Outer Baldonia disturbed Soviets”. Source and Date N/A.

Principality of Outer Baldonia archival package

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