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Sweeney/Sweeny Family Genealogy Package

This genealogy package has general material involving Sweeneys/Sweenys of Yarmouth. 


Sweeney/Sweeny Family Genealogy includes:

1- Article. Marine Examinations. Indicting successful candidates of the Marine Examination. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, March 11, 1902.

2- Article. Accident to Father and Son regarding accidents suffered by Jacob Sweeny and Benjamin Sweeny. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, July 25, 1905.

3- Obituary of Jacob Sweeny. Source/Date: The Yarmouth Herald, 1924.

4- List of W.L. Sweeney Fleet. Source: Hubert Hall.

5- Article, “Local Vessel Sinks” (the Anna E. Campers). Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, October 21, 1970.

6- Obituary for Laurence Sweeney. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, 1983.

7- Three articles regarding Laurence Sweeney Fisheries being sold. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, 1994.

8- Attestation papers for Lloyd Douglas Sweeny. Source/Date: World War I CEF Personnel Files, 1914-1918.

9- Census record for Mary Sweeney. Source/Date: Census of Canada, 1891.

10- Marriage announcement for John J. Sweeney. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, November 1, 1855.

11-Obituary for David Sweeney (s/o Joseph Sweeney). Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, January 13, 1859.

12- Article regarding the Britannia being wrecked. Edward Sweeney, a worker onboard died due to the wreckage. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, December 21, 1846.

13- Obituary for Hugh Sweeney. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, August 21, 1894.

14- Obituary for Mary A. Sweeney (d/o Owen Sweeney). Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, April 2, 1890.

15- Obituary for James Sweeney. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, October 7, 1880.

16- Advertisement for Jacob Sweeny. Source/Date: Yarmouth Directory, 1895

17- Photograph of the W. Laurence Sweeney shipyard. Date: 1942.

18- Photograph of Jacob Sweeny and Lois Sweeny. Source/Date: Unknown.

19- Photograph of Vernon S. Sweeny. Source/Date: Unknown.

20- Advertisement for V.S. Sweeny Limited. Shows photos of 3 generations. Dated 1960.

21- Obituary and Tribute to Mrs. Mabel R. Sweeney (w/o Vernon S. Sweeny). Source/Date: Yarmouth Light, 1960.

22- Obituary of Vernon S. Sweeny. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, October 15.1959.

23- Obituary of Charles Clement Sweeny. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, January 24, 1933.

24- Article honouring Arthur H. Sweeney on his retirement. Source/Date unknown

25- 1881 Census record for Jacob Sweeney. Source/Date: 1881 Census of Canada, 1881.

Sweeney/Sweeny Family Genealogy Package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

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