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Yarmouth African Nova Scotian archival package

This archival package includes: 

1- Brochure on Black Loyalists. Source: Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia.
2- African Nova Scotian History article featuring information of Ken Fells, George
Fells, Rev. Nathan Smith, Maude MacKinnon, Alpharetta Anderson, Town
Mission, Roy Fells, William Douglas Fowler and the Young Men’s Brotherhood.
Source/Date: The Vanguard, 1993.
3- The History of Disney Chapel. Source/Date: Carolyn J. Smith, 1990.
4- Document of articles showcasing the recognition of Mary Johnson, Clarence
Bodden, Craig Smith, Barney Ogden, Ada Fells and Jeanette Johnson.
Source/Dates: The Vanguard, 1995, 1998 and 1999.
5- Information and photographs on soldiers: Pte. Charles Smith, Pte. Percy
Forman Fenton, Pte. John Clarence Johnson, Pte. Arthur Stephens, and Pte.
Chester Pannill. Source: Military Records.
5b - Article titled, “Those who Served”, descriptions of soldiers such as
Chester Panell, Percy Adelbert Berryman, Louis Lawrence and Roy Fells.
Source/Date: Vanguard, article by Arthur Thurston, 1993.
6- Article titled, “Three Yarmouth men share stories of their lives”, includes
information on Bruce Johnson, Chuck Smith and Steve Brewer. Source/Date: The
Vanguard, 1994.
7- Short bio and newspaper clippings on K.O. Fowler. Source/Date: Vanguard,
varying years.
8- Article about the musical group, the Missionaires. Source/Date: The Chronicle
Herald, 1997.
8b - Photograph of the Missionaires
9- Article regarding Black History program at the P.A. Best Education Centre.
Source/Date: The Vanguard, 1994.
10- Article titled, “Rev. Martin and Alfaretta Anderson Manor opens” (about a
senior living complex in Greenville. Source/Date: Vanguard, 1994.
11- 1871 Census records of Yarmouth African Nova Scotians, District 192 -
Sub-District Chebogue. Source/Date: NS Census Report, 1871.
12- 1871 Census records of Yarmouth African Nova Scotians, District 192 -
Sub-District C-2 Yarmouth. Source/Date: NS Census Report, 1871.
13- 1871 Census records of Yarmouth African Nova Scotians, District 192 -
Sub-District C-3 Yarmouth. Source/Date: NS Census Report, 1871.
14- 1891 Census records of Yarmouth African Nova Scotians, District 44 - South
End. Source/Date: NS Census Report, 1891.
15- History of Greenville Church. Source/Date: The Vanguard, 1993.
16- A brief description of the Greenville School. Source/Date: Vanguard, 1997.
17- Memorial note, with short bio of Alfaretta Anderson. Source/Date: Greenville
United Baptist Church, 1973.
18- Photograph of P.A. Best.
19- Novies Baseball Team photo, team members and articles. Source/Dates:
Yarmouth Herald, 1946 & 1947.
20- Teachers at the Greenville School (1889-1919). Source: Registers of the
Attendance Studies and General Standing.
21- An overview of Greenville. Source: A Glance into the Past, article by Sharon
22- Article about Rev. Melvin Stevens being ordained. Source/Date: The Vanguard,
23- Photograph of the Brotherhood Club.
24- The 1821 Emigration of Black Nova Scotians to Trinidad. Source/Date: Written
by John H. Grant for the Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly, 1972.
25- Article about the Black Battalion. Source/Date: The Vanguard, 1992.
26- Article titled, “The underground railway: Canada’s first refugee movement”.
Source: The Vanguard.
27- Photograph and short bio of Nina Jean Francis during her military service.
28- Photograph of John Clarence Johnson during his military service.
29- The disappearance of Asa Crawford. Source/Date: A Matter of Mayhem (written
by Fred Muise), Yarmouth Times, story from 1912.
30- Article in recognition of Ada Fells. Source: The Vanguard, 2010.

Yarmouth African Nova Scotian archival package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

  • Once ordered, you'll receive a message to download and open the zip file with all the material of this archival package. 

    All material in this archival package are in PDF and JPEG formats. 

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