Crosby Family Genealogy Package

This genealogy package has general material involving Crosbys of Yarmouth. 


Crosby Family Genealogy includes:

1- Document with vitals on Simon, Thomas, Joseph, Theophilus, four separate individuals named Lemuel, Charles, Ernest Lemuel, Lloyd M, and Charles Robert Crosby. Also mentioned the first Crosby house built by Captain Theophilus Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown.

2- Document with births and deaths of Crosby family members. Source: Unknown.

3- Township deed for Jonathan Crosby. Source/Date: Township Deed Records (Book #1, pg. 230). 1781.

4- Marriage announcement for Knowles R. Crosby. Source/Date: The Yarmouth Times.1883.

5- Death announcement for Captain L.C. Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Telegram. 1885.

6- Death announcement for Captain Samuel Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Telegram. 1883.

7- Article about Murray Rupert Crosby upon his death. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard. Unknown.

8- Sketch of Silas W. Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown

9- Descendants of William Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown

10- Descendants of Ebenezer Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown

11- Descendants of Benjamin Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown

12- Obituary of Almira Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald. 1900.

13- Certificate of British Registry for Ebenezer Crosby and the schooner, Sea Flower. Source/Date: Marshal of the United States of America, 1812.

14- Death announcement for the son of John A. and Sarah Crosby. Death announcement for Lottie F. Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Times. 1885.

15- Documentation on Silas Crosby. Marriage License Bond, Marriage Slip, Marriage Certificate. Source/Date: Official documentation from the Province of Nova Scotia. 1875.

16- Death announcement for Willian Crosby, Senator. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald. 1847.

17- Death announcement for Elizabeth Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald. 1837.

18- 1881 Canadian Census report for Jacob Crosby. Source/Date: 1881 Census of Canada. 1881.

19- The Crosby Families of Yarmouth. Source/Date: Yarmouth Genealogies. 1897.

20- An article about the Crosby Molasses Company Limited company. Source/Date: The Atlantic Advocate, 1978

21- 1901 Census record for Truman Crosby. Source/Date: Census of Canada. 1901.

22- 1901 Census record for Silas W. Crosby. Source/Date: Census of Canada. 1901.

23- Death announcement for Captain Frank Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald. 1944.

24- Short history concerning Lemuel Crosby and a land grant. Source/Date: Unknown.

25- Death announcement for Amos B. Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown.

26- Notice for Lorenzo G. Crosby. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald. 1896.

27- Photo of Jacob Crosby. PH-51-Crosby-10. Date unknown.

28- Photo of Knowles Crosby (son of James 1st Crosby). PH-51-Crosby-16. Date unknown.

29- Photo of Mary Abigail Corning-Crosby. PH-51-Crosby-19. Date unknown.

30- Photo Mary Crosby-Corning and her two grandsons, Fred Crosby and Harris Crosby. PH-51-Crosby-20. Date unknown.

31- Photo of Thomas P. Crosby with his wife and children. PH-51-Crosby-24. Date unknown.

32- Photos of Wallace Crosby and his wife Susan (Holmes). PH-51-Crosby-25 and PH-51-Crosby-26. Date unknown.

33- Master Mariner Certificate for Captain Ebenezer Crosby. Source/Date: Original document, Ministry of Marine and Fisheries. 1884.

34- Short bio on Captain Amos Crosby, also includes his Master’s Certificate of Service. Sources: Yarmouth Herald, Record of Shipping and Brown’s Genealogy.

35- Photo of Captain Silas Crosby (1848-c1919). Source/Date: Unknown.

36- Photo of Captain Joseph Rogers Crosby and his wife Abigail Corning-Crosby. Sourc/Datee: Unknown.

37- Photo of Captain George Edgar Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown.

38- Photo and write-up on Captain Silas Crosby. Source/Date: Unknown.

39- Short description of the schooner, Nettie Parks, owned in part by J.H. Crosby. Source: Yarmouth Reminiscences by Lawson.

40- Description of Mrs. Delight Crosby’s property sale. Source: Yarmouth Reminiscences by Lawson.

Crosby Family Genealogy Package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives.