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Historical women of Yarmouth, NS archival package

This archival package includes, 

1- Document composed of information and photographs of the following women, 

Lydia Davison, Sarah Bond Farish-Moody, Lucy Jarvis, Doritt (Corning) Horton, Ada Allen (Chadwick) Harding, Carrie Evelyn Perry, Elizabeth Cann, Maud Lewis, Mabel Killam Day, Jean Delaney, Adruenna Tupper, Sara Corning, Nina Jean Francis Mary Muise, Lydia Reata Ferguson, Susan Maude Huddy, Catherine Sabean, Alfaretta Anderson Winnifred (Lewis) Trueman, Kathryn Ladd, Grace Ladd, Minnie L. Lovitt, Clara Amelia Caie, Clara Killam, Sophia (Killam) Caie, Mary Primrose (Pelton) Fuller, Laura Lawson, Lydia F. Clements, Flora Gray, and Catherine Doane


2- Yarmouth Ladies Glee Club (music)

Photograph and short description 


3- The Loreleis (music)

Photograph and short description 


4- Nova Chords (music) 

Article titled, “Nova Chords to Compete in International Competition. Source/Date: The Vanguard, June 21, 1978


5- Alice Sharp (missionary) 

Short biography, details about her time in Korea and photograph 


6- Helen Weld (artist)

Article titled, The Spirit of Yarmouth Lives, about her and Lucy Jarvis. Source: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


7- Margaret Chipman (artist) 

Photograph of Margaret Chipman and a photograph of a painting done by her titled, “Still Life” (2002). Source: Memorial card for Margaret Chipmand 


8- Mary Johnson (midwife)

Article titled, Mary Johnson Being Honored by Black Cultural Society. Source/Date: The Vanguard, 1995


9- Gym Class with Evelina Patten (health, teacher)

Photograph and short description. Source Historic Yarmouth 


10- Women in uniform known as the “Red Hussars” (military)

Photograph and short description. Source: Historic Yarmouth 


Historical women of Yarmouth, NS archival package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

  • Once ordered, you'll receive a message to download and open the zip file with all the material of this archival package. 

    All material in this archival package are in PDF and JPEG formats. 

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