Collection of Yarmouth Artists archival package

Yarmouth has a rich history of very talented artists. These artists create works in all mediums, including; photography, paintings, sculptures, and much more.


This package includes material for 5 Yarmouth artists. 

1- Mel Coakley

Newspaper article. Biographical details. Source: The Chronicle-Herald, Yarmouth Bureau, written by Rob Gorham.


2- Anna Lucy Kelley

Biographical information, details on her career and personal life. Sources: – The 1897 Canadian Historical Dinner Service and Clement Doane’s book


3- Michael Chisholm

- Newspaper articles titled, “Memorial unveiled in memory of local photographer” (dated June 25, 1999, source: The Yarmouth Vanguard), “Retrospective to highlight late photographer’s work” (dated March 18, 1997, source: The Yarmouth Vanguard) and “Photographer’s friends recall loving, mystical personality” (dated December 31, 1996, source: The Chronicle-Herald), “Body found along lakeshore” (dated December 26, 1996, source: The Chronicle-Herald).

- Obituary. Dated December 27, 1996. Source: The Chronicle-Herald.


4- Margaret Chipman

4.1- Card of a reproduction of a painting by Margaret Chipman. The painting was called, “Still Life” and was painted by Margaret in 2002. The card was used by Yarmouth Natural as a holiday card.

4.2- Biographical information. Source: At the Sign of the Whale.

4.3- Newspaper articles, “Chipman’s art opens at Dayton gallery Friday” (dated n/a, written by Belle Hatfield), “Local artists’ exhibition opens this weekend” (dated May 28, 1999, written by Belle Hatfield), “Maple Grove honours local artist with establishment of award” (dated July 2, 1999), “Gallery Artists Collection ‘99” (dated October 8, 1999, written by Jim Reardon), “Mural lives on in Lake Annis” (dated December 17, 1999, written by Suzanne King), “It Could be Yours” (dated July 8, 1997, photo by Tina Comeau), “It Could be Yours” (dated May 7, 1996, photo by Greg Bennett). Source: The Yarmouth Herald

4.4- Margaret Chipman funeral program.


5- Lester Sykes

5.1- Lobster boat painting with description

5.2- Biography of Lester Sykes

5.3- Obituary of Lester Sykes

5.4- Newspaper article titled, “Painting come natural to Les Sykes”. Source: George MacInnis.

5.5- Photograph of Lester Sykes

Collection of Yarmouth Artists archival package

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