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Cann Family Genealogy Package

This genealogy package has general material involving Canns of Yarmouth. 


Cann Family Genealogy includes:

1- Article, “A Yarmouth Lady’s trip from New York to Madeira”. Source: Yarmouth Herald, written by E. Mabel Cann.

2- Birth records for Harvey Cann and Grace E. Cann (1870 and 1871). Source/Date: NS Birth Registers, 1864-1877.

3- Obituary for J. Harvey Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, June 24, 1919.

4- Marriage Certificate for John R. Cann and Catherine Killam. Source/Date: Province of Nova Scotia, September 11, 1875.

5- Obituary of Hugh E. Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Times, January 4, 1898.

6- Article – “The George Cann’s of Yarmouth”. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, November 27, 1990.

7-Article regarding the death of Gordon L. Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, December 11, 1945.

8- Obituary for Captain S. Cann. Source/Date: Journal of Commerce (English publication), July 31, 1908.

9- Article about the sudden death of W. Roy Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, date unknown.

10- Sheriff’s Sale record concerning Hugh Bradford Cann, Charles W. Cann and Hugh D. Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, April 29, 1902.

11- Obituary for William A. Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, December 1901.

12- Article, “A Distressing Fatality”. George Cann found dead in his barn. Source/Date: Yarmouth Times, March 29, 1910.

13- Article, “The John Cann’s of Yarmouth”. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, date unknown.

14- Article, “The Hugh Cann’s of Yarmouth”. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, November 20, 1990.

15- Yarmouth Genealogies of John and Hugh Cann. Source: Yarmouth Genealogies No. 33 – Yarmouth Herald.

16- Photograph of Augustus Cann. PH-51-Cann-1

17- Photograph of Captain George Cann with his wife and child. PH-51-Cann-8

18- Photograph of Captain Hugh Cann 2nd. PH-51-Cann-13

19- Photograph of Captain Joseph Cann. PH-51-Cann-20

20- Photograph of Malcolm Cann. PH-51-Cann-23

21- Photograph of Mary Dane Cann. PH-51-Cann-26

22- Photograph of Thomas B. Cann (1818-1887). PH-51-Cann-28

23- Article about artist, Elizabeth Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Vanguard, October 11, 1994

24- Description of Captain Henry F. Cann and his demise at sea. Source: Yarmouth Reminiscences

25- Three accounts of fires (at the house of Samuel Cann, at the house of Horace Cann and at the house of Capt. John Cann. Source: Yarmouth Reminiscences

26- Marriage announcement for William A. Cann and Mabel F. Heath. Source/Date: Yarmouth Times, January 7, 1898

27- Obituary and funeral details for Benjamin B. Cann. Source: Yarmouth Telegram, January 7, 1932

28- Wedding announcement for Mary Louise Cann. Source: Yarmouth Herald, January 13, 1920

29- Land Deed description involving Jesse Cann. Source: Yarmouth County Deeds

30- Land Deed description involving George and John Cann. Source: Yarmouth County Deeds

31- Photo and description of Hugh Cann & Son, Limited. Source: The Western Gateway of Nova Scotia 1918

32- Article about Captain George Cann. Source/Date: Portland Gazette, August 10, 1812

33- Article about Malcolm Cann. Source/Date: Yarmouth Herald, 1940

34- Attestation paper for Robert Guest Cann. Source/Date: World War I CEF Attestation Papers, 1914-1918

35- Attestation paper for Chelsea Douglas Cann. Source/Date: World War I CEF Attestation Papers, 1914-1918

Cann Family Genealogy Package

  • All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

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