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Captain Joshua Slocum

Captain Joshua Slocum is best known for his incredible voyage around the world which he did solo in a boat. 


This archival package includes: 

Captain Joshua Slocum archival package index

1- Maclean Article titled, “Sailing Solo, A Nova Scotia’s Lonely Odyssey”. Describing Captain Joshua Slocum’s voyage around the world. Source: Maclean Magazine, written by John DeMont, dated July 1992.


2- Article titled, “A Nova Scotian Hero… Capt. Joshua Slocum”. Detailing his around the world voyage. Source: Adventure, article written by Anne West


3- Article titled, “Sailing Alone Around the World”. Story about the voyage of Captain Joshua Slocum. Source: The Vanguard newspaper, written by Blauvelt, dated November 2, 1966.


4- Article titled, “Solo Sailor’s Feat Unequalled”. Mentions Yarmouth and Captain Slocum’s association here. Source: Yarmouth Herald, written by George A. MacInnis.


5- Article titled, “Dear Sir: We Were First”. Slocum did it 60 years ago. Source: Unknown newspaper and unknown author, dated July 25, 1957.


6- Article titled, “Slocum’s lost letter found”. Regarding a letter written by Captain Slocum, includes a copy of a section of the letter. Source: The Novascotian (Chronicle-Herald), written by Phillip D. Shea, dated November 15, 1996.


7- Slocum Society membership brochure. Headquarters for the Slocum Society was in Port Townsend, WA. Source: Original brochure - Slocum Society.


8- Article about Captain Slocum and the Yarmouth Yacht Club. Source: Unknown.


9- Article titled, “Captain Slocum at Natal”. Describing his arrival at Natal, South Africa. Source: Yarmouth Times newspaper, dated January 18, 1898.


10- Joshua Slocum. Short description of Captain Slocum’s time in Yarmouth, NS. Source: Seymor Crowell, dated May 1997.


11- Article titled, “Played Brief Act”. Description of his activities with Yarmouth yachting. Source: Yarmouth Herald newspaper, dated August 9, 1938.


12- Article titled, “Joshua Slocum being featured on CBC radio”. Describing a program on CBC Radio regarding Captain Slocum’s around the world voyage. Source: Teleguide-Homstead, dated May 9, 1984.


13- A card with a drawing of Captain Slocum in his sloop, “The Spray”, also has a brief description of Captain Slocum and his voyage around the world. Source: Unknown.


14- Detailed article about Captain Joshua Slocum and his ships. Source: Nautical Quarterly #3, dated 1978, drawings by Capt. Melbourne Smith.


15- Photo of Captain Joshua Slocum.

Captain Joshua Slocum

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    All material found in these packages is owned by the Yarmouth County Historical Society and is housed at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, NS). Credit must be given to, Yarmouth County Archives. 

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